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Differential Barometric System (DBS)


What are they?

Our differential barometers/altimeters (patent pending) provide accurate readings corrected for natural deviations in atmospheric pressure. 

How do they work?

These devices provide atmospheric pressures and derived elevations at a rover using corrections transmitted from a stationary base.   As atmospheric pressure changes with time it introduces a systematic error which degrades the accuracy of the derived rover elevations.  If a fixed reference base is subjected to the same forces it can be used to correct the readings and provide accurate results.    Our free DBD software allows users to evaluate the capabilities of the system.

What data is captured?

Telemetry includes temperature and pressure, the corrected rover elevation is derived from pressure using the base station as a fixed reference point.  

Why is this useful?

Some applications of these versatile engines include indoor elevations, building pressurization monitoring, multi-node telemetry networks and UAV altitude references.

What do they cost?

The OEM version is $69.99 and can be used interchangeably as either a rover or a base. The self-contained rechargeable models start at $149.99.

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