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The EMDxxx Forward Rate of Growth (FROG) sensor (patent pending) integrates the EMOxxx module in a ruggedized unit with built-in power source and preset thermostat trigger.   When used in tandem with the EMRxxx or EMRGxxx rover models this provides real-time data on conditions at the head of an active wildfire front where it is normally too dangerous for firefighters to work.


The unit is disposable, has non-rechargeable alkaline batteries and is equipped with a streamer designed to be air-dropped from a helicopter. 

EMDxxx Forward Rate of Growth (FROG) Sensor

  • Please note there is currently a 1-2 week lead time for this product.  

    License free 433, 868 and 915MHz versions available (check regulations in your area).   Seperate EMRxxx or EMRGxxx rover model required, the price listed is for a single drop unit.

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